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After a few years it starts to bleed out. At most it might swell a bit, but when it dries out it will all still be there.
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  • PVC:- used in most production manufactured boats.
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    Early in the season the next year we arrived at our boat to find the dinghy had exploded and was deflated on the deck.

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    I believe it is PVC; inflatable floor and keel.

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  • Zodiac, the leader in robotically thermobonded PVC, calls its fabric Strongan™ Duotex™.
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    If the Zoom that you are looking at is older than 2009, it is welded and could go 10 years (if pampered, avg life is 5-7 yrs).

  • 5 and although very similar, offers a bit more interior space, more horsepower and and greater fuel capacity.
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